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Fairplex Park Horse Racing Information

Sitting 20 miles east of Santa Anita Park, Fairplex Park's five furlong oval track operates as a training facility to over 500 horses. Every September Fairplex Park runs a select 3 week race meeting in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Fair.

Fairplex is the oldest SoCal track that is still operating. Fairplex Park began horse racing in 1922 with no pari-mutual betting. Later, in 1933 a bill was passed legalizing betting in the state.

Fairplex Park is a 5/8 mile horse track in Pomona, California. It is home to 17 days of live thoroughbred, quarter horse and Appaloosa racing during the annual Los Angeles County Fair. Fairplex Park is part of the larger county fair grounds that cover 487 acres.

Fairplex Park hosts several stakes events each year. Click here for a list of stakes races held at Fairplex Park. Fairplex Park is also home to the annual Barretts Horse Sale, held each year at Fairplex Park.

Post Time for the races is 4 p.m. on Wednesdays, 1 p.m. Thursday - Saturday. There is no racing at Fairplex Park on Monday and Tuesday (Dark Days).

Could Fairplex Park be an eventual replacement for Hollywood Park? In recent years there has been continued speculation that Fairplex Park could eventually replace the aging Hollywood track. Read More Here

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Fairplex Park has the traditional oval configuration of most North American racing surfaces.

The Main Track is comprised of a Dirt Track: Sandy Loam Surface.

The Main Track consists of a five-eights of a mile oval, with what would be considered tighter than average turns. Many races are won or lost on the turns of Fairplex Park's race track.

The distance from the final turn to the finish line is 757 feet.

Fairplex Park will often favor front runners as with a short stretch and tight turns it can be difficult for closers to win races here, yet not impossible.